Design Director
Create visuals for LED screens and have them shot on stage by using the graphics as visual elements + light source. 
I've worked with Director TIM TADDER onsite and offsite. I was responsible as a design director  creating  content for the LED walls with my team, and matching some of the motion with live action stage... 
It was very fun on set while shooting with all the top athletes who were extremely patient with us.
Our job was to direct that emotion from the the leagues best players and create authentic footage that expressed passion, excitement, and a love of the game. Anyone that has worked with top athletes knows how difficult it can be to get players to take down their guard and becomes actors. 
We used two Red Camera Monstro Vista Vision cameras, with Zeiss lensing to capture the super rich and saturated footage. The Reds handled the technical obstacles without flaw, shooting incredible 8k footage. As evident from the screen grab stills seen here, they allowed us to have 8k stills that are super high quality and totally usable as stills. This is the first screen grabs I feel are rivaling still camera images. 

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