Prep & Test (PART 03)

Finally had chance to book a lens test at LIFT & I've tested couple of prime sets. I've end up renting Zeiss Super Speeds  for my test shoot. Decided to use Vision2 50D, 500T &  Vision 250D filmstocks. Prepeared the camera light as possible for handheld setup.

Here are couple of photos from the inhouse test at LIFT

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses

Zeiss CP 2.0 are great lenses....and besides the functionality, they look great too :)

But the front diameter was the issue for my setup... specially with a compact camera like Aaton A-Minima. Issue I had was the gap between the front of the lens and the 15mm Rods...there was almost no space. 

The handgrip mount was almost touching to lens, and follow focus was hard to fit....I actually didnt use follow focus but I wouldnt be able to give up from my handgrip, because its extremely helpful for handheld use of Aaton.

Zeiss Super Speed MK III & II Primes (T 1.3)

Zeiss Super Speeds were my favorite lenses on the list...These lenses are really compact and lightweight compare to CP2.0s, and more faster lenses.....I've shot completely handheld , so it really fit to purpose....and carrying 5 primes weren't an issue at all because of the compact size..

Overall issue I've had was  not to be able to shoot wide angle. All this lenses are 35mm format, so zeiss super speeds starts from 18mm but on S16 camera it covers similar to 35mm focal length......So basically focal length was going up to 170mm (normally 85mm lens) when used with my S16 Camera......