Erratic weather in Toronto.....We thought it was going to be a sunny day but it was little bit windy and overcast....Beside weather conditions it was really fun and we had really good time with Sena. We've spend 2 days shooting and came back home with 600ft (15min) of exposed film ready for the Lab. Im currently finishing up edit and color correction, hoping to post the result in next couple of days....


Films came back from the Lab, I was accepting to wait at least a week...But really quick turnaround !!

"Niagara Custom Lab is a motion picture film processing lab in Toronto. I found them even before I bought my camera, Because at that time, I had no idea that i can actually process my films locally...I was fortunate to meet and work with them."

If you're in Toronto & If you wanna see more about Niagara Custom Lab, then dont miss Bright Lights Dark City : Niagara Custom Lab and Toronto Experimental Film Exhibition (Part of Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival) at Gladstone Hotel


Framediscreet is the place for transfer with their new Scanstation. I've done 2K flat scan to be able to color correct myself..I've got DPX sequences which worked out great....

"Originally created by Cinematographer Justin Lovell as a means to transfer his own films being created on 8/16mm in 2003, we designed our own 2k scanner (nicknamed Belladonna) and now for 2015, we've acquired the extremely powerful 5k 8/16/35mm Lasergraphics Scanstation. A milestone for us which is capable of capturing more information than what is on the film itself."