## Arri IIIC #film #motionpicture #35mm #camera 3m 45s read The Arri 3C is a very unique camera for its time. This one was specially modified by P+S Technik to 3 perf instead of 4 perf, which saves a lot of film stock and budget during shooting. I always wanted to give a try on this camera due to its size for a Steadicam setup. I lent this camera to a talented group of individuals for us to test / combine a Steadicam setup with a traditional 35mm rig. While it posed a challenge, the result was excellent. Arriflex 35 had been used as A-Camera (Clockwork Orange, THX 1138, French Connection...etc) & B-Camera (Star Wars, Fifth Element, Lord of the Rings…) Arri IIIC Final refinement of the 35 II design with featured PL Mount. These camera were very rare, less than 100 were made.Camera had been modified to 3PERF by P+S technic. ![[arri3c_emrahgonulkirmaz.jpg]] ![[arri3c_emrahgonulkirmaz (2).jpg]] ![[arri3c_emrahgonulkirmaz (3).jpg]] ![[arri3c_emrahgonulkirmaz (1).jpg]] #### Production Previews ![[90c41127-430a-42a4-a553-5e80b26a5cf5.gif]] ![[6532fc54-d422-49e8-94c6-d39ba722924e_rw_1920.gif]] ![[f0506677-4962-4145-b5d7-8f933c14c5be_rw_1920.gif]] #### Behind The Scene Preparation in the morning before the shoot involves getting everything ready for the steadicam setup. ![[d12377c9-0a42-45cb-b7ff-9b005ae74d63_rw_3840.jpg]] ![[53b2beb5-fba8-4668-b463-863bbef69f4c_rw_3840.jpg]] ![[098dd42c-a14a-41e6-8157-b22eebc5a36e_rw_1920.jpg]] ![[0ac61d01-2496-4fe6-90d2-5a414bc479df_rw_1920.jpg]] ![[b2f2d0bd-65e9-4ab5-8c88-175147871816_rw_3840.jpg]]