## Nikon FE #35mm #stillcamera #film 45s read The Nikon FE and F series cameras were highly popular among professional photographers in the past, valued for their durability and ability to operate in extreme environments. They are true workhorses, and I personally shoot with my Nikon FE almost every day. ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (32).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (2).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (3).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (5).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (6).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (7).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (8).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (9).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (34).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (10).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (11).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (12).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (21).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (22).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (30).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (20).jpg]]![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (29).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (31).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (19).jpg]] ![[nikonfe_EmrahGonulkirmaz (33).jpg]] ### Rollei 35 The Rollei35 is a compact camera, easy to carry, and very low profile and quiet. Considering it's a camera from the 1960s, you need a bit of practice for zone focusing. The size of the lens is tiny, made by Zeiss, but it still produces great results. ![[rollei35_emrahgonulkirmaz (1).jpg]] ![[rollei35_emrahgonulkirmaz (2).jpg]] ![[rollei35_emrahgonulkirmaz (3).jpg]] ![[rollei35_emrahgonulkirmaz (4).jpg]] ![[rollei35_emrahgonulkirmaz (5).jpg]]