> [!warning] Title > This section is still under construction and not yet complete 1m 5s read #ai #machinelearning #research #development #casestudies #fragments I will be incorporating examples of the strands approach, as seen in trained [[Machine Learning]] Strands models. Adapting custom-trained [Low-Rank Adaptation models](https://huggingface.co/docs/diffusers/en/training/lora) to various conceptual scenarios for the video game Fragments and how i incorporated in [[Fragments The Game]] ![[FragmentsTheGame_Kybele_EmrahGonulkirmaz (4).png]] ![[FragmentsTheGame_Kybele_EmrahGonulkirmaz (1).png]] ![[FragmentsTheGame_Kybele_EmrahGonulkirmaz (2).png]] ![[FragmentsTheGame_Kybele_EmrahGonulkirmaz (3).png]] > [!info] info > We observe several examples of a character named Kybele in the Fragments video game utilizing strands/filaments as her primary augmentation. Made in ComfyUI along with custom Low-Rank adaptation model for strands and Stable Diffusion 1.5 > [[Machine Learning]] Kybele, one of the prominent AIs in Fragments, embodies the essence of the quote, “I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within.” As an artificial being on a quest to discover its skin, Kybele represents a profound journey beyond the physical. The evolution of Kybeles is marked by a gradual process, characterized by the presence of slowly evolving strands or filaments covering their exterior. These filaments are not just physical attributes but serve as a means of communication among Kybeles, contributing to their ongoing evolution and hinting at the depth of their existence that transcends mere physicality.