> [!warning] in progress.... > This section is currently under construction and not yet complete. However, you may find some useful information below:) #nodes #research #development #nodegraphics #nodegraph #visualprogramming #articles 45s read A node graph, also known as a [[Node Graph vs Node Graphics|graph or node-based graph]], is a data structure commonly used in computer science, computer graphics, and visual programming environments. It consists of a collection of nodes (or vertices) interconnected by edges (or links). Each node in the graph represents an entity, object, or concept, while the edges represent the relationships or connections between these entities. This section dives [[Anatomy of a Node]], usage and [[History]] of visual programming. ![[onair/lib/img/projects/DICHOTOMY on Behance.jpg]] Nodes are a vast topic to delve into. My area of interest and expertise lies in utilizing nodes to [[Node Based Toolkit|create and design visuals , as well as leveraging them to store and generate new ideas.]] ![[Emrah Gonulkirmaz - Brink 1.jpg]]