> [!warning] Title > This section is still under construction and not yet complete #software #nodes #designer #ai #development #stablediffusion #comfyui #machinelearning #research 2m 25s read When it comes to [[● Node Based Visual Programming|node-based environments]] , I utilize a variety of tools that enhance my workflow and creative process. Here are a couple of them that might help you navigate more easily. Please keep in mind that I use these tools primarily for my design and research and development workflow. For me, what matters is the end result, not necessarily what those tools are intended to do. I often use them in unconventional ways and may even reverse engineer them for my own solutions. ## Game Engines ### Unreal Engine 5.0 ![[Screenshot - 2024-03-06 18.41.55.png]] ![[Screenshot - 2024-03-06 18.42.48.png]] Unreal Engine is making significant strides. I've developed [[Fragments The Game]] using Unreal Engine, and I plan to continue utilizing it for future developments and production. It's free to use. Game, animation, and film industries are gradually converging with this versatile tool. ## 3D Software ### [ Softimage XSI ](https://xsisupport.com/)(discontinued) ![[onair/lib/img/projects/Emrah Gonulkirmaz - Brink.jpg]] ![[Emrah Gonulkirmaz - Nike Vapor Performance System.jpg]] ![[DICHOTOMY on Behance 1.jpg]] My story starts with this dinosaur application called Softimage XSI, one of the best node-based environments available at the time. I use to use ICE (interactive Creative environment) for all my design needs....While there still isn't a tool that can quite match it, [[#Maya Bifrost]] is on its way, although progress seems slow. ### Sidefx Houdini ![[Screenshot - 2023-07-17 19.37.31.png]] ![[houdini_interface.png]] The procedural, node-based environment of Sidefx [Houdini](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Houdini) is advancing remarkably, and it's one of my favorites. Although it has a steep learning curve, once you get used to it, it becomes easier to navigate. Regardless of your proficiency level with this application, you always feel like there's more to learn and explore. ### Maya Bifrost ![[Screenshot - 2024-03-18 21.09.33.png]] ![[Screenshot - 2024-03-18 21.18.25.png]] Maya has been working on implementing [Bifrost](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bifr%C3%B6st) for quite some time now. Over the past couple of years, they've introduced many great features. While I've used it for a couple of projects, I haven't explored it extensively. ## AI Interface When it comes to node-based environments for AI models, there aren't many options available at the moment. However, the option I'm including is continuously evolving with numerous new features, and it effectively utilizes the [[Positive Aspect]] of node-based environments. ### [ComfyUI](https://github.com/comfyanonymous/ComfyUI) (Stable Diffusion) ![[Screenshot - 2024-03-06 18.47.08.png]] ![[Screenshot - 2024-03-06 18.46.40.png]] If you successfully install and set up this tool on your local machine, you'll be able to access some of my workflows for free download in the [[Machine Learning]] research section. ## Supportive Tools ### Visual Understanding Environment (discontinued) VUE is still available as an [open-source platform](https://github.com/VUE/VUE/releases/tag/3.3.0) and can be downloaded. While it's no longer under active development or receiving support, it still functions for its intended purposes. ![[Visual Understanding Environment VUE is a mind-mapping and conce.jpg]] ![[The Visual Understanding Environment VUE . Peta Konsep Anak Bang.png]] ### [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md/) One of my everyday tool, offers more than just a node-based system for visualizing notes and database content. It also allows you to construct node-based systems akin to [[#Visual Understanding Environment (discontinued)|Visual Understanding Environment]] for brainstorming or taking visual notes. Moreover, if you're accustomed to processing information visually, it proves invaluable for visualizing various facets of your knowledge and information content. ![[EmrahG_obsidian_interface.png]] ![[graph_emrah.gif]]