#designer #director #styleframes #concepts 3m 20s read Designing concepts through the utilization of LiDAR data and manipulating it with [[● Node Based Visual Programming]] tools presents an exciting frontier in creative exploration. By harnessing LiDAR data, which provides detailed 3D representations of real-world environments, and integrating it into node-based visual programming platforms I can seamlessly collage various real-world locations together, fostering new abstract locations. This fusion enables me to sculpt immersive and intricate environments, enabling the conception of novel concepts that seamlessly blend the physical and virtual realms. ![[bendingnewcorners_emrah_eg (1).jpg]] ![[bendingnewcorners_emrah_eg (3).jpg]] ![[bendingnewcorners_emrah_eg (4).jpg]] ![[bendingnewcorners_emrah_eg (5).jpg]] ![[bendingnewcorners_emrah_eg (6).jpg]] ![[bendingnewcorners_emrah_eg (7).jpg]]